A complete range of consultancy services 
Pluskontoret Arkitekter works to create good architecture as part of its client consultancy, lead consultancy, architectural consultancy and landscape-architect consultancy.

The studio works within four key areas: Housing, Children, Learning and Business.

We are involved in every phase of a building project: from initial project development and planning to programming, organisational and project proposals, regulatory compliance reviews, main projects, invitations to tender, tendering procedures, contracting, project follow-up, construction management and trade supervision.

Pluskontoret Arkitekter’s portfolio is brimming with outstanding sustainable architectural projects in the areas of both the construction of new buildings and the refurbishment of existing ones.

All consulting services employ our key areas of expertise within sustainability and process.

Medium-sized architectural firm in the heart of Aarhus
Pluskontoret A/S was founded in 1993 by architects Mette Stavad and Suna Cenholt. Bent Fridberg Madsen, Constructing Architect, joined the firm in 2006, and the partnership was further widened to include Kristian Nordheim, Architect, in 2015. These four partners manage and own the firm, which is organised as a public limited company.

The architectural firm has experienced steady growth over the years, and a dedicated staff of thirty are now employed in the following categories: architects, constructing architects, landscape architects, structural engineer, a manager of financial affairs and administration, a manager of communications, architects with a bachelor’s degree, constructing architect trainees and the firm’s “stewardess”. Find contact details here.

Pluskontoret Arkitekter has received several architectural awards and prizes, including the Nykredit Architecture Prize, Svendborg Municipality’s architecture award 2013 (for the new urban district “Tankefuld”), the 2012 Odin Prize of the Odense Urban Association (for the “Skovbrynet” development), the City of Odense’s Architecture Prize for good, beautiful architecture 2013 (for “Skovbrynet”) and the 2016 School Building of the Year and 2016 Project of the Year (for Frederiksbjerg Skole).

Architecture for everyone
Pluskontoret Arkitekter bases its work on creating “Architecture for everyone”.

We shape and renew sustainable spaces for life and learning, in close cooperation with the client, other consultants and users.

We base our architectural approach to each project on the following objectives:

Dialogue: we establish a constructive, inspiring dialogue and process with client and users to form the basis of how we carry out our mission.

Inherent qualities of the project site: we use the project site’s inherent qualities as our point of departure by allowing the content and complexity of each individual project to form the basis of our style and design.

Complexity: we design top-quality architecture through our awareness that aesthetics, ethics, functionality and other requirements and considerations supplement one another and become inseparable.

Experience: we deliberately incorporate individual architectural styles in relation to physical and mental encounters with a space, its scope, the nature and colours of the materials and the movement of light.

Accessibility: we create good architecture and enriching settings for human life and activities to ensure that these settings do not restrict but expand human potential.

Sustainability: we seek sustainable solutions to protect the environment and improve indoor climates.


Pluskontoret Arkitekters specialises in sustainability and energy optimisation. We have taken part in many development projects in this area, including Realdania By & Byg’s R&D projects “Healthy Housing” in Holstebro (2016), “Mini-CO2 houses” in Nyborg (2012) and “EnergyParcel – Energy for Your House” in Aarhus (2008). These three unique projects taught us basic sustainable methods and techniques 1:1.

We take a sustainable, holistic approach to all our projects, and two of the architectural firm’s design management architects are qualified Green Building Denmark consultants. Our work is based on the following sustainable principles and philosophies: Green Building, Active House, Cradle-to-Cradle, the Nordic Ecolabel and Passive House Planning.

Pluskontoret Arkitekter’s overarching approach to sustainability:

START WITH YOURSELF … – is YOUR behaviour sustainable? If it is, more people will follow you. Pluskontoret is a climate partner of the City of Aarhus. We buy green energy for our lamps and computers. We have an organically-certified kitchen with zero food waste. We ride electric bicycles to meetings within city limits. We are involved in a local afforestation project and much more besides …

PEOPLE: Our projects are designed for people young and old. We focus on our client’s motivation to heighten its sustainability profile. This not only involves energy efficiency, but includes social aspects, the environment, comfort and behaviour – perceived as a whole.

DEVELOPMENT: We set realistic goals. We take a holistic approach and encourage our clients and users to do the same. We think in terms of overall economy and retaining development potential. We work out a visible strategy to ensure a high level of sustainability, also after the building has been constructed.

QUALITY: We ensure quality through a visible process, functional spatiality, deliberate choices of material and well-organised outdoor areas. We envisage maintenance, flexibility and multiple usability. High quality has a long service life.

See examples of projects focused on sustainability.


All our projects are user centric. We involve users, residents, citizens and other players throughout the project in a positive process where we listen and learn – and breathe life into a shared vision of user-friendly construction.

Pluskontoret Arkitekter’s overarching approach to the involvement of users and players:

COOPERATION: The process is about interpersonal human relationships. About visions and developing opportunities. Pluskontoret appreciates user involvement and considers every individual a source of knowledge and inspiration. In the process, we share ideas and experiences on an equal footing in a stimulating process where we inspire and qualify one another to enrich the project.

POSITIVE PROCESS: Confidence and security are prerequisites for a good user process. We set out the framework and define roles through clear communication. A clear balancing of expectations leads to consensus – and marks the first step towards rewarding results.

ONE SIZE DOESN’T FIT ALL: No two projects are alike. We customise the process and use the best-suited tools. Well-organised, relevant involvement of players instils project commitment and ownership – and lays the groundwork for developing a people-centric building project.

ROUTE: We take an inquisitive, investigative approach. We venture forth into unknown areas like explorers discovering a new world. We are familiar with the framework and process, but the route emerges along the way – and the journey leaves its mark on the constructed project.
Pluskontoret has a number of qualified process consultants, and the firm’s toolbox is bulging with classic and new process tools, such as picture-storming, workshops, mock-ups and models, dialogue exercises, role-playing and the basic management of time, budget and quality.

See examples of our process-based projects.


Pluskontoret Arkitekter gives high priority to a healthy working environment with space for personal and professional development, constructive mentoring and a cheerful everyday atmosphere.

Every day, we meet over a warm organic luncheon buffet – in summer on our luxuriant balcony.
Study trips, frequent in-service training and a number of professional and social events are naturally part of our offers.

We post vacancies and traineeships on this page, as well as on Facebook and LinkedIn.

If you want to become part of Pluskontoret Arkitekter, please feel welcome to send an application to Mette Stavad, CEO, at ms@pluskontoret.dk.